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Sequence Begin & End

Question asked by globe11123 on Jan 19, 2018
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I have two text fields Value_From and Value_To the values in these fields will only be numeric or only letters.


For example these values are used in an import for containers/boxes that contain files. So Value_From could be 1 and Value_To could be 100 or alternatively Value_From = A, Value_To = B.


I need to create 2 calculations one for Sequence_Begin and one for Sequence_End


My problem is If these are numbers they have to be padded out to 15 characters so Sequence_Begin would be 000000000000001 and Sequence_End would be 000000000000100

But if they are letters A to B would just be A as the Sequence_Begin and B as the Sequence_End.


How can I do this?