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Create new Records from a list

Question asked by ericmiller on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by ericmiller

OK here are the basics:



Talent - Holds Talent's contact information.

Skills - List of Skills the Talent might have

Rankings - Connects Talent with the skills.  I have a portal on the Talent Layout where I can select a skill, and then rank it.


I collect Talent information from a website form.  Since there is no easy way to sync the data I will manually have to do it.  The way the web form collects the data is one line in a spreadsheet for each record.  When they mark the skills they have it appears in one field separating each with a comma. (Animation, Modeling, Lighting)


I'm looking for a way to take each of those skills, and create a new Rank record with the correct skill input. I figured I can create a field on my Talent Table called "SkillsInput", and when I input the excel sheet it will put the list of skills separated by commas here for each talent.


I would love a script which could then take that list for each talent record, and create the rank record with the Skill in the Skill field of the Rank Record, and the Talent Serial number in the records _kfnID to link it with the correct talent.


I think this would work, if there is a way to create a script which can do this.  Any idea how I would do this?


Thank you