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Discussion created by Stigge on Jan 19, 2018
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Hi fellow FM geeks =)


Am building a solution to keep track of our telecom subscriptions/asset management. But am a bit stuck at a function. I need to update user table frequently manually.


My steps today are:

  1. Download new user excel file from company DB. I dont have any access to fetch the data available like sql request of any kind. Excel is only option (centrally controlled and about 70k users)
  2. Open my script to point the import script to correct file/path to import, save
  3. Run the script.


Now i want to create a question in the script to allocate the file instead. so i skip the step 2. is that even possible ?

I should somehow be able to create a variable/field that stores the file name / file path given back from a dialog question ? right ? Am just a bit unsure how to do that :/ Do you know ?

If someone have an example file i can have a look at or something would be awesome. or if am just missing the funktion. =)


Thank you for your time.