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Number of authorized access to a shared file

Question asked by mbeck65 on Jan 19, 2018
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I have an fm16 file (we name it SHARED_FILE) containing data that have to be shared in a large environment of different FM applications.


All my applications and SHARED_FILE are installed on FMServer 16 (1 instance on a dedicated machine).


I explicitly authorize access of each FM application to SHARED_FILE but in an unpredictable way an issue appears: one by one the applications that use SHARED_FILE starts to give the following message "<APPx> is not authorized to open the protected file SHARED_FILE"... If I explicitly authorize the access, <APPx> can work but the same issue appears in <APPx+1> and so on.........


Question: is a maximum number of authorized access to a SHARED_FILE fixed in the Filemaker environment so I can't think to share my SHARED_FILE between a not limited number of applications?


I hope my question is clear enough