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How do I Auto fill from different table/layouts??

Question asked by btschop484 on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by btschop484

So I am VERY new to FileMaker. I am trying to link different tables up so that fields will fill themselves in when I enter data into one of them. So right now I have 6 Tables, each that I have made a layout for. Let me give you an example of what I have so that I can use it to explain:

                     Table 1                                                         Table 2

     ID:                                                                 ID:

     Sample:                                                       Sample:

     Storage:                                                       Volume:

     Stage:                                                           Grade:

     Cancer:                                                         Cancer:


So what I want is to be able to type in the Sample number and have it auto-generate the common fields (ID and Cancer in this case). I want this to happen between all 6 tables, not just 2. I tried to link all 6 tables with a Sample = Sample relationship, but nothing happened so I deleted those relationships. Consider me starting fresh.


I am VERY new as I have said. I have read some forums but I have no clue what certain things are like primer keys, foreign keys, value sets, etc. So when helping, could you please try to make it a simple as possible, or explain where to find things. Thanks for any and all help!!