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How do I create this Budget Solution

Question asked by joshuaw07 on Jan 19, 2018
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Topic: I need to duplicate a spreadsheet calculation into filemaker to improve my budget solution.

Using: dev team FMPA 16 | client side: FMP 16 | deployed using FMS 16


Our department managers are responsible for managing their dept.'s spending. They use a simple spread sheet to  categorize each line time. Their line item categories are then subtract from the corresponding budget category.


As seen in the spreadsheet below, when they view their budge they are able to see the category's allocated budget, the total spent within that category, and the remaining budget.


I attached the Numbers spreadsheet below if someone needs to review. It seems straight forward but I keep hitting a road with automating the collection of liked line item categories.


budget overview.pngtransaction ledger.png



When my department mangers categorize their spending transactions, the total amount of spending, within a particular category, is subtracted form the budget's category.