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LookupNext with a Cartesian relationship

Question asked by cmayerle on Jan 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2018 by philmodjunk

I am attempting LookupNext from one table to another joined by a cartesian relationship. Specifically, I need to find the previous and next Weights and the previous and next Moments so that I can perform a weighted average of the moments. Something like:


(ActualWeight - PreviousWeight)/(NextWeight-PreviousWeight)*(NextMoment-PreviousMoment)


Table 1 has the calculated moments for some given weights and we are expected to interpolate between the weights to calculate the moment in Table 2. So, I joined the tables with a Cartesian between Table1::Weight and Table2::Weight, but LookupNext(Table1::Weight; higher), doesn't work. Nor does lower. Nor does (Table1::Moment; higher), etc. If I put a portal on a layout based on Table 2, all of the data in Table 1 shows up.


If I change the relationship to >=, <=, it behaves the way it should. However, I cannot interpolate because I don't have either the lower or higher numbers.


Is Cartesian just the wrong type of join to do this or am I missing something?