Freezing when selecting Script

Discussion created by 5eppa on Jan 19, 2018
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Is anyone else getting this problem? When I try to select a script from a list such as when selecting a script when using the Preform Script function or when setting script triggers. Each time I click and the menu should pop-up to allow me to select from the scripts I have written the program freezes preventing me from clicking anything else. It may be that the window to select the script is just not appearing and it is locking up the program as it would had the menu appeared. It started just today after weeks of using the program on this computer. I am using a Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10 64bit and I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced. The problem persists regardless of the file and regardless of whether the file is on a server or my local machine. I have tried rebooting the machine and a few other basic troubleshooting things like that but I cannot think of what would have changed since, at least yesterday when this was working. Does anyone know of a fix or something I can try?