Layout Autosizing on Rotate in FM16 WebDirect

Discussion created by miraklemax on Jan 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by eduncle

I have some layouts optimized for iPhone portrait mode, but with all four autoresizing anchors checked/turned on.


The resizing works fine, of course, when you manually re-size the window in FMP 16 for Mac/Windows. It also works fine in FileMaker Go.


However, in WebDirect on an iOS device, the size seems to get "stuck" to whatever size FileMaker originally opens up in for that session.


So, if you launch an app in WebDirect on an iPhone in portrait orientation with a layout designed perfectly for that size/orientation, it looks fine. But if you then rotate to landscape mode, the layout does not resize in the browser.


I get that maybe it is because there isn't a "trigger" of any kind telling/giving feedback to FileMaker Server about the orientation change in iOS Safari, *BUT* it *also* doesn't seem to change the size if you change layouts or if you try to use a script step to force it to change sizes (for the Window-related script steps that are supported in WebDirect at any rate...would love to use Resize to Fit, obvs, but that isn't supported in WebDirect). It is as if FileMaker/WebDirect ignores the anchors after FileMaker initially loads into the iOS browser.


It *seems* like WebDirect in iOS browsers will get "stuck" to the width/height of the layout of the initial window. Any ideas on how to either 1) dynamically have the layout obey the anchors in iOS WebDirect or 2) Some combination of script step(s) that would allow the user to "refresh" the window to make it obey the anchors?


Attached (and inserted) are two screenshots showing a layout pre and post-rotation.