Portal deletion of same portal line item from two diffrent portal tables

Discussion created by samarthmkt on Jan 21, 2018
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Hello Friends,

Currently I have 2 portals 1st (Godown) and 2nd (Shop) in 2 different layouts name.

In essence I  have to a sync a  selected portal line data field  or we can say tranfer(Shop) field data from 1st portal ( Godown) to another 2nd portal (Shop). What I would like is the ability to have them kept selected portal rows in sync and so that when if i delete the above selected portal line item from 1st portal table, it will automatically  able to find the same selected portal line item in the 2nd portal and also delete it.

Is there a way to do this and how would I go about it? I would greatly appreciate any advice give and thank you in advance.

Here are pics for the same

Screenshot (7).png


Screenshot (6).png

At present i am only transfering the selected line item row data by script but if i delete the selected line item row from Godown portal table i have to manually delete that transfer data portal row in shop portal table.


Screenshot (8).png