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Obligatory Create, not populating Auto Enter Data

Question asked by cmcleod on Jan 20, 2018
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Hey FM Folks,


I'm normalizing my database, splitting my Members table into (People --> (Staff,Volunteers,Vendors)

Previously I was using an obligatory create to add Members from an 'Applicants' table, this used auto enter to copy some contact info data from the persons application to their member table.

Application -- Volunteer -- People


While the obligatory create works fine (though im having issues with data validation, which i think is caused by the the same issue), it wont auto enter my data into the People::Email field from Application::Email. If i remove and re-enter the People::id_volunteer, the data successfully auto enters. It still enters correctly into the volunteer table (as I havent removed those fields yet)


How can I get auto enter to work using an obligatory create, with the relationship 2 tables away (whats a word for that? )  ?