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Google Fonts don't work on windows.

Question asked by palpal on Jan 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by palpal

Hi !


I wanna report a bug that seems to be known but still existent as I tested it on FM 14 and 16.

Tested on Windows 10 last update on two different computers.

When I select a google font, it switches to another font. Always the same font, but different per computer.

To replicate it, just download some font on Google Font (I tested a lot, but among others : Roboto, Arvo, Nunito Sans) and try to use it.


I don't know any workaround. I found this : Why does this Google font 'Raleway' work on Mac and FMGO but not Windows?  and jgalt seems to have found something but I don't know how to replicate what he did.