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Importing Longitude 0.0/-0. values

Question asked by 13eightyfour on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by 13eightyfour

I'm trying to add location 'pinpoints' to a solution to show exactly where a fault job has been recorded, I receive the fault details in excel format which has general area details and Long/Lat for precise locations.


I've almost got the solution fully working by importing all the data from the spreadsheet without issue, with the exception of the Long/Lat columns. The Latitude import misses off the first 0 meaning 0.01348 gets imported as .01348 which doesn't show on googlemaps, if I change the value to what is should be 0.01348 then the pinpoint works perfectly.


I've tried to add the leading zero using a calculation, but this then causes problems with Longitude values that are -0.0 by calculating as 0-.0 which again errors on the map


The original excel data is formatted as text, the filemaker field is also text. Am I missing something really simple? I don't feel it should be this complicated to import the data. and if I change it manually then everything works as it should, but I'm trying to import 50-100 records at a time and if I've got to manual adjust each one it's going to become a bit of a chore!