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In Filemaker Go, how do I stop user layout changes in a Card Window

Question asked by on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by TSGal

On Filemaker Pro, when a card window is opened, the Layout popup menu is disabled and if you've removed the "Go to Layout" command in the View menu (or the entire View menu), and the user is locked into the layout unless it's changed with a script. When this is run in Go as a client, the layout button is still available  and the user can change layouts. Since the window is modal,  i think the user should not be able to change layouts from a Card window. Is there a way, short of disabling the display of every layout, to disable layout access?


It would be great if removing the "Go to Layout" command disabled the popup in the tool bar in Pro and access to layouts in Go. I appreciate that one might want the user to change layouts directly but there should be a way to lock this down if needed and I can't find one other than removing every layout from the menu. Am I missing something?


As things stand now, if your application benefits from users changing layouts directly, you can easily get into a situation where the solution is effectively locked up if they switch to a layout without a "Close" button of some sort.