Financial transaction detail report

Discussion created by keithpoole on Jan 21, 2018
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Because I'm not sure how to create this report, I don't know what subjects to study to figure it out so I'll outline what I'm trying to do and maybe someone out there can send me in the right direction.


I'm trying to create a invoice transaction report during a given time frame, say Date A to Date B. The structure of the report will be as follows:


Sub summary and sorted by Customer

Beginning balance  = Sum of balance for invoices before Date A


Transaction detail by invoice from Date A to Date B

This part will list each invoice created during the time frame,

showing invoice total, payments made, and balance


Ending balance = Sum of balance for invoices before or on Date B


My invoice table has fields for invoice date, amount, payments, balance and SUM balance


To me, it looks like three different found sets but maybe I'm overthinking this.

Can anyone help get me started?