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Discussion created by dburnham on Jan 22, 2018
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Had a call today from a prospective client who wanted me to create a mobile app that he (and millions of others with a similar need) could use.  He finds it annoying to be solicited for $$ by people who hang out at gas stations and approach him for a cash handout; he thinks that an app would be a handy way to create a GPS-directory of reported locations that drivers could avoid.   Undoubtedly, this can be done with FileMaker Go and the SDK for iOS.


He told me he was quoted $5,000 by one developer and another one offered to do the work for $175/hour.


I told him I have an idea that will save him a lot of money and instead of waiting months or years for the app to be fully developed, distributed and used by millions of other drivers, it would be completed within 5 business days for the modest price of only $500.

  1. Send me a check for $500
  2. I will send back to you a package containing five hundred $1 bills
  3. Put them in your glove compartment
  4. Whenever someone asks you for a handout, give them one of those dollar bills.


No batteries needed, no training required, immediate gratification guaranteed.