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FilMaker 16: Licensing Model

Question asked by fr3d on Jan 22, 2018
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A short question relating to the FileMaker 16 Licensing Model. We’re going for Filemaker For Teams with 30 users. Some of our users have multiple machines (Every user would need a licensed copy of FileMaker). So our question is “What counts as a user?” i.e. Is a license needed per IP, per username, per (open/made) connection or per machine?


Can users with multiple computers remain logged in when switching from machine A to B with the same license key?


The FileMaker FAQ makes it confusing: FileMaker Licensing for Teams FAQ | FileMaker. In the first header it says that each user requires a User Connection allowing clients to connect with the server and that ‘Each user may connect to FileMaker Server with only one client at a time’. (So again, what is being licensed? The username or the connection between client and server?)


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