Announcing api.all - turning FileMaker into a mobile/web backend in minutes

Discussion created by eli.swed@gmail.com on Jan 22, 2018
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Hello FileMaker community,


We are happy to announce the free public beta of api.all (http://www.apiall.net). It's a revolutionary independent API layer, representing almost any server framework behind a REST API, including FileMaker Pro.


The resulted auto-documented API is perfectly standard, and the front-and developer is not required to know anything about FileMaker. This level of standardization, along with the fact that api.all calls FileMaker scripts directly, makes it different than other tools on offer, including FileMaker's own API.


Field tested

As proven during the last year at TLV Generator, a Tel Aviv based startups program (http://www.tlvgenerator.com), FileMaker backends behind api.all APIs can easily support production-level web and mobile apps, up to few thousands of simultaneous users in typical mobile & web client/server scenarios.


This performance is gained while cutting the server dev effort by 80% or more comparing to conventional server frameworks - thus presenting new opportunities for FileMaker developers.


How it works?

Configured within minutes, api.all is connecting to the FileMaker hosted solution via the CWP PHP API.


Each service call triggers a FileMaker script, sending the service request parameters as a JSON object within the script parameter, easily parsed using FMP 16. After running the script, api.all returns the found set as JSON to the REST client. No alterations or plugins are required.


api.all includes a non-FileMaker user & admin suites token-based user authorization system, along with a services testing module and automated API documentation.


Media files are not stored in FileMaker, and can be uploaded directly to Coludinary.com via api.all, while the media URL is sent to FileMaker. Other features, as full server logs, caching and 3rd party API access will be added soon.


Try it!

To test api.all, please visit http://www.apiall.net. The service is free until March 1st, including user management and API hosting, and will be priced reasonably afterwards.


A full help doc plus FileMaker examples, can be downloaded at the help page. For further inquiries or questions you are  welcome to contact me directly at info@tlvgenerator.com