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ExecuteSQL in auto-enter always evaluate number field

Question asked by greaterthandata on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by greaterthandata

I have an executeSQL statement inside a number field auto-enter calc (always evaluate) and when it calculates, it crashes filemaker. It could be that it is indexing and not actually crashed, but I give up after 10 minutes.


When I run the same executeSQL in dataviewer it takes less than 1 second to complete successfully. 


It's a fairly large table (millions of records) and the SQL statement is looking at a number of fields in the table, but I find it odd that in Data Viewer the result comes back (nearly) instantly.


is this just a limitation of using executeSQL inside an auto-enter field definition?



below is the statement ...


ExecuteSQL (

"select pktransaction from TRANSACTIONS where fkproduct = ? and fkstudio = ? and Transactionmonth = ? and Transactionyear = ? "

; "" ; "" ; TRANSACTIONS::fkProduct ; TRANSACTIONS::fkStudio ; TRANSACTIONS::TransactionMonth ; TRANSACTIONS::TransactionYear )