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Question on drop-down filter

Question asked by yodavish on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by yodavish

I'm working an existing solution that was given to me by my manager. His preference is to retain the spiderweb design so I won't be able to use the anchor buoy method. The challenge I'm having is on the Invoice layout to be able to first, select from a drop-down list for an existing Company. In the next drop-down, we want that to automatically filter for the related "Study" but I'm unable to. Later we want to filter for the related "Sites" and "Contact" as well. Below is the data structure with the green table as the main tables used:





Currently, I'm able to get the drop-down Company field to work.




However, I'm unable to get the Study field to filter correctly. I'm using this value list:




Any suggestions on how to get this to work or what I'm missing? I want to be able to get the Sites and Contact to work as well.


Billing Event = In Line Item

Billing Event Type = Products