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Tool tip not refreshing

Question asked by SteveMartino on Jan 23, 2018
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Hi Forum.  I came across this in my DB, a tool tip that doesn't seem to refresh.

I have these relationships:


I use the JOBS_Customer_Same::_fkCustID side in a portal.  So when I'm on the Jobs layout, displaying a Job, the portal shows all Jobs related to the Customer (parent).  This works fine for commercial customers where the portal is displayed.

However, for non-commercial customers (based on the same TO), I have a button that opens a popover with the portal on it. 

The button that opens the popover has this expression in the tooltip (The button is hidden if there is only 1 Job record related to Customer):




   @words=Case(@number>1;"Related Jobs";

               @number>0;"Related Job"


   @label=@number & "-" & @words & " for " & CUSTOMERS::Name_Full




So the first time I roll over this button it shows:

0- for

If I click the button, open the popover, then roll back over the button, it displays correctly.


So I'm just trying to figure out why.  Seems like when I first roll over it, it doesn't know how many related (self join) records there are until I open the popover and display the portal.


As a side note, I have a clear button with the same expression over the portal, and it always has the correct expression.


Maybe SQL would work better for this, but I'm at a loss as to how to write it correctly.

Any thoughts or help are greatly appreciated.