Where a variable is defined in Research Notes starter solution

Discussion created by pvonk on Jan 23, 2018
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I'm trying to reverse engineer the design of the Research Notes starter solution.  In the Data table, there is RESEARCH ID MATCH FIELD which has a calculated value of  " $$CURRENT_RESEARCH_ID  ".  Now there is a primary key called Research ID in the Research Notes table.  Is this global variable a type of built-in variable for the primary key?  I somehow double it, but ...


I can't find where this global variable is defined.  The Research Notes table contains a portal in which the user may enter a note (there are also portals for entering documents and media - and all three portals access the Data table where this data is stored).  I've edited the original FM file by deleting a lot the of extra stuff and trying to keep the basics.  I even deleted the  RESEARCH ID MATCH FIELD field and the portal for adding data to the Data table from Research Notes still works.


"RESEARCH ID MATCH FIELD" is used to match "Research ID" via the relationship.


Any help would be appreciated.