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Classes not showing students in portal

Question asked by sburech on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by mt_vernon

I just purchased Filemaker Pro 16 and am attempting to learn how to construct a many-to-many relationship.  I chose two tables students which just has has just two field: a student name and Primary Student ID and classes which just has two fields: a class name and Primary Class id. Both tables were populated with students and classes.

  I also created a Join Table with two fields: a foreign Student Id and a foreign class id. I created relationships between the tables with the primary and foreign keys.  On each relationship I clicked the = signs and checked allow creation of records in the relationship  I then created a portal in a student’s record to sign a student up for subject and inserted the name of the subject the student was taking. The student and subject show up in the join table.  When I go to the classes table and construct a portal with the student's name, nothing shows up.  I would like to see the names of the students who signed up for the class show up in the portal, I put on the class record.