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Sums and Grand Totals question

Question asked by woolley2 on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by philmodjunk

Dear community,


I have managed to create a calculation field, which is a great leap forward for me, and also a summary field. But I want to separate out two different types of salary: one to code X, and one to everything else, such as Y, Z, A and B.


For each staff member, as well as their name and pk of course, I have SalaryAug17, SalarySep17 etc etc all the way up to SalaryJul18, and TotalSalary17_18 is the calculation field that = Sum(SalaryAug17;SalarySept17.......) etc. GrandTotalSalary17_18 is the Summary field that = Total of TotalSalary17_18.


One of the other fields in the staff member table is ProjectCode, so we have project codes X, Y, Z, A & B. I want to show GrandTotalSalary17_18 for X only, and then GrandTotalSalary17_18 for everything that isn't X.


I'm not clever enough to figure out where to begin with this. Is it some kind of filter I put on a field in a layout, do I need separate layouts for each scenario, do I need to make two different fields in the table, one for X and one for everything but X....?


I know I really should go on some proper training for this, or meet some guru face to face with my database/app, but I thought I'd try to ask on this forum.


Also, a little further down the line, is it possible to total different fields within the same layout, e.g. create a field that adds up different sorts of totals/sums and regular figures that aren't sums?


Thanks so much.