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How do I get a date from having a user click on a calendar?

Question asked by stlawren on Jan 23, 2018
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I hope this is an interesting (nay, challenging) problem.  I am using Filemaker Pro 16 Advanced and I am a “newbie”, having started in November.

I want my “User” to be able to select a date from a calendar with a mouse click.  The selection should initiate a script which will fill in a ledger entry (Date, Description, Debit, Credit, Balance) with predetermined data.

My Ledger works as a ledger; and, my script works, using a test button and including data I randomly placed in the script.

I would like the user’s date selection to be the source of the date used in my script, presumably from a field(?) filled by their clicking on the calendar.  I started playing with this using a Field (January, for example) with the ValueList “1,2,3,4,…etc.” but I am stuck.

Any thoughts?  OR…back to the drawing board?