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delete a related record

Question asked by enstorms on Jan 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by enstorms

Have a layout using a List view.  One of the fields in the list comes from a related table record. (Getting this from one of the Invoices solutions).  It is sort of a pick list of products adding to a line items table.  The related record field is Quantity.  So I choose 2 of that item and the line item record is added correctly into the line items table. Now decide that wasn't the correct item, so change it to zero.  When I do that, the kf_product_id and the price field in the line items record are zeroed out, but the record stays in tact otherwise.  How can I delete that line item record just added when Quantity is changed to zero?  Cannot figure out a way to do this.  If I try to delete record based on the line item id, which is available, it just deletes the product row I'm editing.