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Virtual list not displaying data on iPad FM Go 16? - Possible bug?

Question asked by BruceHerbach on Jan 23, 2018
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On an iPad The database I am working on fails to display data from a virtual list/portal correctly when it first opens.  Instead one of the first names in the list is repeated over many records in the portal.  Once a record is selected or the user switches to another screen and returns, the data displays correctly for the rest of the session.  Has any one seen this or have a solution?


The virtual list to display a list of clients and contacts in a portal.  When the database first opens, it creates the list to display.  When this is done is FileMaker Pro 16 it displays correctly.  The screen shot below shoes the virtual list in the portal on the left.  The Global variable holding the data for the list is displayed in the slide at the bottom:


On the iPad you can see the repeating values:



The data for the virtual list is identical.  In the system on open script I have tried a number of things including commit record, refresh Window, refresh portal.  Doing this with a pause.  Selecting the first record in the portal.


Once the user selects a record from the list the portal displays the data correctly.  This behavior seems to be new starting sometime in the last week or so.  I'm working on development and mostly adding new work in Pro Advanced and didn't see this until I was discussing part of this with the client.  Of course.