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FileMaker 16 Fields disappear in preview/print

Question asked by user27937 on Jan 23, 2018



New to this forum but I've run into an issue I just can't seem to resolve -- and it's driving me nuts.


I created a CARD layout that has a number of check box fields as well as text fields that relate to a form -- mainly to make it easier for the data entry person to complete the form -- actually a FedEx document with lots of tiny little entry boxes.


The fields and the data show up as they should in browse mode on the form -- a change on the CARD layout shows on the form layout. When we save the completed document as a PDF and when that happens, the fields disappear.


The fields in question have NOT been set as 'non printing object' -- been there and done that. They are set to be in front of the form template.


View the CARD in preview and the data doesn't show.


I created a small scale dummy file to test and see if it was a CARD issue but that one worked fine.


Any help would really be appreciated because this makes no sense to me.