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Import csv from web to server

Question asked by HenryRobinson on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by nickorr

I am trying to schedule an import on my databases hosted on FileMaker Server 16. The file I am importing is a CSV file located on a web page. The script I have made is working when run from a workstation but I am having issues figuring out how to get it to work when run on a server. Here is the script I am using that works on works station.

I have figured out that Export Field Contents[] is not compatible on the server. But I am running out of ideas to try.

I thought the most sensible way would be to just store the downloaded csv file in a variable but that did not work. I then tried just importing it directly from a container filed but that dose not work ether.


What am I missing I am sure this is something that can be done but I understanding how.