ESS Import Occasionally Going Awry -- poss FMP16 issue

Discussion created by user10625 on Jan 24, 2018
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Filemaker Server 16

Filemaker Pro 16

(latest updates, v3)

MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver -- v 5.03.04   (Oracle) 

MySQL 5.6.28   (it's on an offsite, (over the WAN), AWS server in the cloud)


We have a script that does the following:

Go to an ESS layout on table RawLeads  (total record count ~44,000).

Do a find. --- usually finds 1-20 records.

Make sure the record count is < 200. If not QUIT.

#  so we should definitely be on a small found set now.

Go to a Filemaker layout.

Import from RawLeads.




This has always worked fine (for several years).  If 4 records are found, 4 records are imported.  No problems.


Recently, some of our users upgraded to FMP 16. 

Somewhat sporadically (doesn't always happen), when the import happens, it pulls in all 44,000 records in the source ESS table.


Has anyone seen this?  It feels like a bug of some kind.  But I thought I'd check here to see if it's some other problem.