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How to conditional export/copy fields contents to another list ?

Question asked by brenseec on Jan 24, 2018
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Hi there,


I have a created and app for our inspectors to carry our safety inspection.


On this form they have to answer yes/no, if they answer no they then have to choose form a drop down menu what the reason was for no.


If they can't find a suitable answer they can edit the field to add a suggested reason. I have conditional formatting set up that if they do this the field is highlighted in Red and this works fine using the formula below


(not IsEmpty ( Audit_Server_MRL_::Reason ))


(not PatternCount ( MasterQuestions_Server_MRL_QuestionID::Reason; Audit_Server_MRL_::Reason ))


Can you suggest how I would be able to copy or export the suggested Reason (if an inspector inputs his own reason) to another list or record. This would then used for management to review