External Storage and Performance

Discussion created by pjohnson64 on Jan 24, 2018
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We have a database running on Server 15 that uses default storage for container fields. This database is for student reporting and logs evidence of learning through photos, pdf, video (mainly photo). The database is currently 11GB and projected to grow approximately 10GB per year. We have been running this solution for 2 years. At this point the database runs great but I am worried that it will slow as it grows. The projected max size of the data base is approx 100GB at which point it would hold there as data is out dated and deleted. Disk space is not an issue for us so this is strictly a performance concern. Is it better to use external storage (secured), or external storage (open) or just keep the evidence stored within the solution? What would be the impact on server cache and performance with each method?


Thank you for your time.