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FM Chart Performance

Question asked by techtronix on Jan 24, 2018

I am new to filemaker charting features....


I am attempting to place a chart on an opening layout (dashboard) in a FM solution. The chart pulls data from tables not in the layout so I am using ExecuteSQL() to get the data. I am running the SQL directly in the chart object calculation on the X and Y axis (X axis is date grouping, Y axis is a count() of inspections). the performance is terrible on 4500 records. Is there a much better option? calc field in a table?


Secondly, this is simple X axis calculation. I cant seem to get it to resolve the "year()" in the where clause of the SQL. What is the syntax to pull a year (or even month) from a date field?

Let ( 
thisyear =  Year(Get(CurrentDate)) ;

ExecuteSQL ( "select inspdate from inspection_parent where year(inspdate)=? order by inspdate";"";""; thisyear) )