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Can I set a conditional color for a portal row?

Question asked by shawnmberkeley on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by shawnmberkeley

I have two portals.  The Open Jobs portal pulls up the open jobs (Job Number and Job Name) of the user, and the Open Job Information portal displays the detailed information for the job in the selected row of the Open Jobs portal.  Included in this information is a list of milestone dates which are conditionally formatted to display in different text colors if they are pending, due, or late.  For instance, if the job is due to be delivered in two days, the text color of the DateDelivery field is green.  Or if the job was due to vendor yesterday, the text color of the DateToVendor field is red.  So multiple milestone fields for the same job could display conditionally formatted text colors.


What I would like to do is make the portal row background (or text in the portal row fields) in Open Jobs display the same color as any of the conditionally formatted text.  That way users can see at a glance which jobs require immediate attention without having to select each one to view the job information.  Or if that is not possible, I would like to have the portal row (or text) to display a single color if ANY of the milestone dates display conditionally formatted text colors.


Is any of this possible?