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macOS High Sierra Server changes coming

Question asked by DavidZakary on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by fmpdude

Apple announced today (Jan 24, 2018) that a whack of changes are coming to macOS High Sierra Server. Specifically, they're removing most of the server bits and focussing on device management.


I know for FMS, the Server version of the macOS isn't recommended but I bet there's a lot of us running it on other machines.


Here's the link: Major changes to macOS Server coming in spring 2018 | 9to5Mac


Here's what's being deprecated...

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • NetInstall
  • VPN
  • Websites
  • Wiki


I wonder what other options there are for some of those services, running on a Mac in-house.


The key paragraph is "macOS Server is changing to focus more on management of computers, devices, and storage on your network. As a result, some changes are coming in how Server works. A number of services will be deprecated, and will be hidden on new installations of an update to macOS Server coming in spring 2018. If you’ve already configured one of these services, you’ll still be able to use it in the spring 2018 macOS Server update. These deprecated services will be removed in a future release of macOS Server, so those depending on them should consider alternatives, including hosted services."