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Background portal auto-refresh "Find" dialog steals focus in FM16

Question asked by jph_psla on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by jph_psla

The new (FM15?) portal auto-refresh behavior is now causing our users headaches, as every time the Find progress window pops up, it bumps the associated Filemaker window to the front in Windows, stealing focus away from whatever other application you were using.


Is stealing focus from other applications an intended function of Filemaker message/progress windows? I don't have an OSX client to test with at the moment so I can't compare platform behavior there, but I did see some mention of the dock icon flashing annoyingly.


In the meantime I'm looking at whatever I can do to improve portal performance - the culprit is a "dashboard" layout with several portals, but only one of them - which is tied to a table of current work orders - seems to trigger the Find window every few minutes. There is a filter applied to allow the user to filter the portal via a global field, on top of a relationship with a Cartesian join (in order to refresh when the filter global is updated) and multiple not-equal match criteria to filter out inactive records, which probably explains why the portal takes a bit longer to update than usual. Screenshot of relationship criteria attached. Filter calculation is simply


IsEmpty ( g_match_field ) or GetAsBoolean( PatternCount( relatedTable::searchtext; g_match_field ) )


Interestingly, using the filter global to update the portal filter doesn't trigger the same focus-stealing Find progress window that appears intermittently. The progress circle appears in the portal instead.


Filemaker Pro

Observed on both Windows 7, Windows 8