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Extremely Slow Performance with Containers

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by philmodjunk

FileMaker 16

Windows 7


Converted a solution from FileMaker 10 to FileMaker 16.

If I pull up a layout with fairly high resolution photos (6 or 7 mb), FileMaker 16 pops up a "spinner" and takes many, many minutes to show the screen and become responsive.


The same exact photo on the same record in the original file in FileMaker 10 opens instantly with no lags.


Suspected network issues as files are still located on an older server slated for replacement once conversion to external storage is set up. Suspected legacy issues with file that started out in FileMaker 3 or 4. Suspected layout corruption.


But I created a brand new file local to the workstation and located a 7 mb image on the workstation's desktop and got exactly the same behavior.


Since the files were not supposed to have such a high resolution, I used Get Thumbnail to down sample the image into the 150K range and the performance issues went away.


If the image was embedded, the problem did not occur.


So I was able to resolve the immediate problem for my client, not only by downsampling all the images but modifying the script that imports these images to import the image as an embedded file, check the size using get container attribute and then use getThumbNail to down sample the image if necessary--all needed improvements even when we move to external storage.


But the performance issues should not have occurred given that FileMaker 10 was able to display the images without issue.