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Why is there cache files for Filemaker Server ?

Question asked by Vincent_L on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by bigtom


Like filemaker, Filemaker Server uses cache files, but I don't understand their purpose :


With filemaker client, Filemaker puts data in cache files to avoid to fetch them from the server via the network. Obviously disk access (especially SSDs) are faster than network, so this makes perfect sense.


But of course Filemaker has to take some time to cache the files, and compare the cache freshness to the server which takes some time also. But as the gap between perf from disk than from network is huge, it's still better.


But since the server doesn't need to go on the network to access the files, and since the files are locally stored on disk, why is there file caching on FMS. Managing this cache seems a colossal waste on time on server. Why doesn't it directly access the database files ?


To me FMS works like this, it caches the needed data from the hosted database files on disk, then in RAM I guess (or the other order). So when you ask for data, FMS checks in its RAM cache, then in cache files on disk, then in the hosted file.


I would suggest to ditch the cache files altogether, so there's less cache maintenance work, better reliability (as we've sadly seen with FMS 15 and 16 that cache could get out of sync), and better speed.