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Navigation New Window, but only once

Question asked by user28271 on Jan 25, 2018
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Previously I started a thread about navigating to New Window.  It is something I like to avoid to keep the desktop clean, but clients want to open multiple windows to compare data in some situations.


So now I want process to take them to a new window the first time only.



They are in a Job Layout and click a button to open a new window for all the related billing.

But if they already have a billing list open I want them to Go To Layout and just update the found records.


My script step plan is:


     Select Window: Billing List


     If current window name ≠ Billing List

     Open new window & Go To Layout Billing List

     end If


     Find records


This means I can not use go to related records, I will need to set a variable and then find for it.


Any other thought about better ways to do this?