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Closing file on idle breaks files using it as EDS until relaunch

Question asked by HOnza on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2018 by TSGal

I had File A open with full access privileges and File B with non-full access privileges.

My access privilege set for File B was set to disconnect the user after idle and the feature was enabled on the server.

When the idle time limit was reached, a dialog appeared telling me the File B will be closed due to my inactivity.

I did not do anything and within a minute or so I got disconnected from the File B and the dialog disappeared.

Then every reference to File B in File A was showing <File Missing>.

I could not even resolve it by reopening File B. When I tried to do Open Remote, it simply did not do anything.

It did not even show me an error message.


Expected behavior: Re-opening the File B should work just fine, plus using anything in the File A that requires File B as external data source should automatically re-open the File B.


Experienced in FileMaker Pro Advanced 16v3 on both Mac and Windows, connecting to FileMaker Server 15v3.