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Multiple External Group/Security Groups

Question asked by JulioSandoval on Jan 25, 2018

Hello FM Community!


I know the title is weird, but here is my issue:


We have authentication tied to AD.


We have Group A and Group B ( we have more groups, but for this example, we will have 2)


Group A has write access.

Group B is read only.


We have multiple DB files and a Front end GUI file.


Group A has write access to Database 1.

Group B has read-only access to everything.


Both Groups are located on the back end DB Files and the Front End GUI file.


So for whatever reason, if I login and select Database 1, which I have write access to, in certain areas, I get 'You do not have access privileges... ...."


Even though, the authentication order is correct with Group A being above Group B.



Any thoughts?


Does FMS16 handle authentication order smoother?