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PDF Problems in FM16

Question asked by lolli_group on Jan 26, 2018

I understand that in FM16 lot of people have many many problems with container fields with PDF.

A container field with preview is one of most interesting features for my customers, and it is not possibile to downgrade to FM15 or FM14, especially if you spent lot of money in upgrading.


So I am trying to find a solution. Container fields seem to be correct with preview only with FMServer local, but don't work with server in cloud. All ok if you use a FM standalone client, but this is not so common for developers, isn't it ?

The same is for Windows or MAC OSX.


Anyway I have seen another problem: when I can see preview, I see acrobat DC's in my FM field. So sometimes you can see left or right menu, the same if you open Acrobat with a PDF, outside filemaker.

Usually I close Acrobat with menu configuration I like most, and when I open again, it comes with my personal menu view. More than this, I can use Preferences to change zoom and others.

When it opens into Filemaker, it doesn't. Every time I see all menu, as it (Acrobat DC) were open for first time.


I cannot use Acrobat Reader and put it as predefined software for pdf, because customer use DC, and I see this problem in any PC Windows, but not in MAC.

I tried to delete plugin and reinstall, but this is not a solution.


I would like to use a plugin to see PDF in a right way. Do you use any? I didn't find anything useful.