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Percentage in a sub-summary part

Question asked by KurtSnow on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by KurtSnow

I have a simple problem that I just cannot solve. I have a summary field of income; a summary field of price. I want to create a percentage by sumIncome / sumPrice. The percentage field works fine on the body part and in the grand trailing summary. I cannot get it to work in the subsummary section. I created a GetSummary field with this formula: GetSummary ( sumIncome ; SALES : PRODUCT::TITLE ) / GetSummary ( sumPrice ; SALES : PRODUCT::TITLE ) where the Product Title is a related table. I am sorting by title, and the subsummary is by title. My problem is nearly identical to this post, which I followed to solve the problem and it does not work.How do I calculate a percentage in a summary report on two fields in the same line? Any help would be greatly appreciated