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FileMaker Cloud not Reopening Databases or Saving Encryption Password

Question asked by drummer392 on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by TSGal


FileMaker Cloud running SBA license.


OS Version

Linux t2.large



Google Chrome



AWS / t2.large / 8gb RAM / 40gb HD



Upgraded FM Cloud from previous version to newest version. After upgrade, went to Databases tab and all were closed. Tried to Open All. All database status indicators turned red, and then promptly turned gray again. Had to reopen each database individually and put in Encryption Password. Databases should have been re-opened automatically and Encryption Password saved from opening previously before the upgrade.


Additionally, discovered an issue where the server will routinely restart and not automatically re-open all databases or save Encryption password.


How to Replicate

Upgrade or restart FM Cloud.



Have to re-open and enter Encryption Password for each database individually.