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drop list shows ?

Question asked by enstorms on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2018 by enstorms

This is really strange.  Have Employee table and Records table.  Related by kp_employee_id in Employee table and kf_employee_id in the Records table.  Have a form layout based on a TO of RECORDS_Employee.  I placed the kf_employee_id field on the form, set it as a pop-up field looking up records in my Employee value list which is based on the TO of EMPLOYEE_Records.  Select the kp_employee_id and the name field to be displayed.  In Browse mode, only a ? is displayed.  What am I missing???  Don't know if this mattress, but these two tables came to me without an ID field.  So added the id fields and wrote script to assign id to each Employee record, then script to loop through Records Table and assign Employee ID to each of their records in the Records table.  They each had the Name field which I used to get my found set.