Pop-up menu on Windows FileMaker bug selecting item on mouse movement

Discussion created by cmcleod on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by TSGal

When I click a pop-up menu in my layout to open the menu, the menu opens on click, but when i release the mouse click filemaker registers the release as a click and selects the the menu item my mouse is hovering over. This happens when the mouse (x,y) position on click is different position (even slightly, ie 1 pixel to the left) when releasing the click.


I've noticed a bug or perhaps a really poor UI design for the Pop-Up List Menu in the windows version of FileMaker. note i havent tested this on any other version besides FileMaker Advanced (not mac, ios, nor web direct).


So case in point, I have to insure my mouse is not moving AT ALL before clicking.  Otherwise I'm moving at my normal user speed, click the menu, intuitively start moving my mouse in anticipation of the menu opening, release the click and just as soon as the menu starts to open, it closes again having selected (usually) the first menu item. Even when I anticipate this bug, and slow my mouse movement over the menu, inevitably, one of my clicks ill jostle the mouse a pixel or two while clicking and the menu then makes its selection. This issues becomes notably worse, when realizing that the click commits the record, and it all happen so fast--miliseconds--blink of an eye-- that I either dont realize my field just changed(instead I --or a user-- would simply think a the menu glitched out--, or dont remember what was selected previously.


This is bad enough that i avoid using Pop-up menu in favor of the less professional looking drop down lists (which are quite ugly when a giant UUID shows up in the box when I open the drop down list (having to use two field boxes overlaid.) I'm pretty sure this bug has been here for at least a year--when i first started using FM, I seem to remember avoiding pop-up menu's for some reason...