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Hide Object When - Calculation with Get Found Records and Pattern Count Question

Question asked by lindseym on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2018 by beverly


I have a layout that I want to show exceptions. I also have a script that navigates to the layout, and searches a custom field for "TBD", displays those exceptions, and then sorts by.



What I want:


I want to hide the column heading, when all found records contain the same text ( "N/A" - which I formatted green) , But not hidden when 1 or more "N/A" is present. Basically hiding the entire column if all records are (N/A)




What I Want: (The Green N/As will be hidden - but I can manage that )




What I get:


I've tried a few different calculations, but can't get it to consistently work.

( I removed the Hide object when from the fields as I was trying to figure it out)


What I thought would work the most is:


Hide Object When:

Get(FoundCount) = PatternCount ( Message Schedule::Phase C ; TextColor ( "N/A" ; RGB ( 0 ; 156 ; 0 ) ) )


So The Found count would be 3       and then patterncount would count 3 -- but as I type that... It's looking per row  - NOT per column. Is that my issue?


How do I get around it? I also, sometimes get confused with non zero  values are ture, zero and empty values are false (so I switched hte equals to not equals with now luck)