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I have 14 different custom database files created using FileMaker Pro

Question asked by bigbob1947 on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by techt

I am a MAC Mini user and have recently updated to High Sierra OS, that is when my problems began. I have 14 different custom database files that were created using FileMaker Pro 8, then 12 (over the years) and Now in FileMaker Pro 16 format. Some of the many Drop down Menus I use (frequently changing choices) are not responding as in FileMaker Pro 12.


I chose FileMaker Pro for it’s interrelationship abilities related to fields. Now frequently, it just crashes. NOTE: Using a Magic Mouse 2 & Switch back to my old wired mouse with no scroll, I get by.


Is there anyone who would be able to assist me in identifying and resolving these issues. I can provide a sample copy. This is a retirement project for Highway Safety.


Thanks in advance, Bob Bergh