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Last 8 layouts switch to the very last layout FMPA16

Question asked by danjamins on Jan 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by hschlossberg

I've never seen this before, but for some reason the last 8 layouts in my file always switch to the very last layout. If I click on any other layouts besides the last layout, it switches as expected, but no matter which layouts I put in the last 8 slots it will always switch to the last layout. I attached a screen recording of it to show better what I mean.


Product and version: FMPA

OS: Windows 10

Hardware: intel xeon, geforce gtx 460

Description: last 8 layouts always switch to the very last layout when picking from the layout menu in the status toolbar

How to replicate: not sure if it's easy, but for me any layouts I have in the last 8 slots will always do the same thing

Workaround: can switch to the layouts using the layout workspace or using the next record/previous record buttons while in layout mode