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Hi there, this is my first post and I am trying to learn the basics of Filemaker.


I set up a test file which was supposed to be a standard problem but I am having difficulties getting it to work. The project should allow me to store contact information (which have categories of Client, Rep and Manufacturer), it has a library that stores general light fixture information and I have a specifications table that stores project specific fixture information.


I set up four tables: Contacts, Library and Specifications and Projects.


Concerning my problem I have set up two relationships:

Library::Fixture Manufacturer = Library|Contact::Record ID

Specification::Library ID=Specification|Library::Record ID


The Library layout has a pop up menu that shows contacts that are manufacturers. This is setup with a calculated field in the Contact table which is called Contact Type Manufacturer with the calculation Case ( Contact Type = "Manufacturer" ; Contact Company;"" )

The Library has also a field called Fixture Line.


The Specifications layout has a pop up menu that shows the Library::Manufacturer values.

Below is a filed that should be a conditional value list showing only Fixture Lines related to the selected manufacturer.


That field is not working for me. I created a value list called Specification|Fixture Line by Manufacturer which pulls values from the field Library::Fixture Line (related values only)


If I deselect the related values only, the list shows all fixture lines in the database. But as soon as I select the related values only, it says 'no values defined'


What am I doing wrong?